Cristina Alexandre 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests:

I am interested in the impact of transcriptional noise on phenotypic plasticity. I focus on hypocotyl length in Arabidopsis, a streamlined quantitative model for environmentally-induced plasticity. Employing isogenic populations, I am (1) dissecting the sources of variance in hypocotyl length, (2) searching for purveyors of increased variance and (3) testing whether stochastic gene expression fluctuations in cell-autonomous pathways can shape whole-organism developmental outcomes.


  • 2011 Ph.D. in Plant Sciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland Group of Plant Biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Gruissem
  • 2006 Post-graduation in Molecular Biology, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2005 Licenciatura in Cell Biology and Biotechnology, University of Lisbon, Portugal


  • 2011 Conservation volunteer with loggerhead sea-turtles, Turtle Foundation, Boavista, Cape Verde Islands
  • 2010-2011 Research assistant, Group of Dr. Lars Hennig, ETH Zürich/SLU Uppsala, working on flower development in Arabidopsis
  • 2006-2010 Teaching assistant for Plant Biology and Epigenetics, ETH Zürich


  • Simkovà K, Moreau F, Pawlak P, Vriet C, Baruah A, Alexandre C, Hennig L, Apel K, Laloi C. (2012) Integration of stress-related and reactive oxygenspecies-mediated signals by Topoisomerase VI in Arabidopsis thaliana. PNAS 109(40):16360-5.
  • Exner V, Alexandre C, Rosenfeldt G, Alfarano P, Nater M, Caflisch A, Gruissem W, Batschauer A, Hennig L. (2010) A gain-of-function mutation of Arabidopsis cryptochrome1 promotes flowering. Plant Physiol 154(4):1633-45.
  • Alexandre, C.1, Möller-Steinbach, Y.1, Schönrock, N.1, Gruissem, W., Hennig, L. (2009) Arabidopsis MSI1 is required for negative regulation of the response to drought stress. Mol Plant 2(4), 675-687. 1contributed equally
  • Möller-Steinbach Y., Alexandre C., Hennig L. (2010) Flowering time control. Methods Mol Biol 655:229-37.
  • Alexandre, C. and Hennig, L. (2008) FLC or not FLC - the other side of vernalization. J Exp Bot 59(6),1127-1135.
  • Alexandre, C. and Hennig, L. (2007) FLC-independent vernalization responses. Intern J Plant Dev Biol 1, 202-211.

Contact Me:

alexcm (at) u.washington.edu

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